The main reason is why people jailbreak their Apple device, It’s because to Cydia download and install to get access to install thousands of  app free which apple store not provide it free. Cydia itself cannot jailbreak your apple device. So, your apple device must jailbreak to install Cydia. It means, when jailbreak your apple device, Cydia will get install. There are more tools to Cydia download. Hence, you can use different tools to jailbreak your apple device to get install Cydia. Most of modern jailbreaking tools are, Taig, pangu,PP. If you use these tools Cydia will get install automatically.

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Advantage of Cydia Download

In here, we helps to  get Cydia download for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod. Jailbreaking your IOS device without install Cydia is useless. Because Cydia has a biggest  apps collection which not available in apple app store for free. There are some alternative for Cydia app, But none of them do not have a collection like this. So how to get jailbreak your iOS device?  As i said before, there are some tools to get jailbreak your apple device and Cydia download  to your device. Make sure, you have use a proper tool to get jailbreak and install Cydia. Because tool can be change depend on your iOS device and IOS version.


You can Choose which device to get jailbreak and Cydia download

iphone cydia download

iPhone jailbreak

iphone cydia download

iPad jailbreak

Basic instruction for pangu and Taig

1. Download Cydia tools according to your model.
2. Install Cydia Jailbreak tool. in to your PC
3. Connect your apple device with USB and get a backup.
4. In your iOS device. change setting off touch ID find my iPhone and turn on airplane mode.
5. Now you can start jailbreak. It will take some time to finish the task and once it complete Cydia will be there.
6. Then you can add new source to Cydia and enjoy with free apps.

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In addition,we will update latest jailbreak tools for your new apple devices and have to thanks for jailbreak developers and their team to provide free tool for iOS users.