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HiPStore Download And Install On iOS 11 and iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

Do you want to download and install paid apps free to save your money? Are there any ways to get paid apps free to your iOS device? Today we will give a answers for these questions. We will guide you to how to download and install HiPStore for iOS 11 and iOS 10 without jailbreak to get paid apps free. You might be think is it able to get paid apps free? Answer is yes, HiPStore app helps you to get it.

What is HiPStore?

HiPStore is also an app store, But it containing large amount of paid apps for free to your iOS device. Such as app Tweaks, Media, Games and many more. This app developed by Vietnamese iOS developers and you can install without jailbreak your iOS device. HiPStore has a self-hosted application and users an download apps according to their iOS version. The app itself is now easier to use and no complicated installation like the other apps. That’s why most of iOS users are use this app.


What are the HiPStore iOS 11 / iOS 10 Features For iPhone and iPads

Features are very important before use any iOS app. Because it helps to know how much our requirements are met by this app. So these are the features of HiPStore iOS.

  • Easy to use in iOS devices.
  • It’s available in many different languages and you can choose as you want.
  • Full versions of games and premium apps are available to download in HiPStore
  • You can download apps which are not available to get through iTunes.
  • No jailbreak required for HiPStore download and install to iOS device.

How To Download HiPStore for iOS

If you are using jailbroken device, downloading HiPStore in your iOS device will be different. Today we will guide you to how to Hipstore download and install to your iOS device without jailbreak.

Download HiPStore on iOS 11 / iOS 10 iPhone / iPad No Jailbreak

Step 1: To install HiPStore, first launch Safari Browser on your device.

Step 2: Now just navigate ‘hipstore.mobi‘ using safari.

Step 3: Keep scroll down until you find an option of the Apple or iOS on your page and then tap on it.

Step 4: After tapping on it a new page will appear on your screen with ‘rezcdn.com‘ would you like to install the Hipstore ?

Step 5: Tap on the install option and then dismiss and wait till that is automatically installed on your phone.

Step 4: Once installation done, Go to Setting > General > Profile and change it to what you would prefer and tap on Trust.

Step 6: Now you are done, Just go to your iOS home screen and run HiPStore app.

How to Change the Language to English in HiPStore App on iOS 11 and iOS 10 iPhone and iPad.

Step 1: Open HiPStore app on your iOS device and tap on the very left icon of it which says ‘Cai Dat

Step 2: After that, tap on ‘Ngon ngu option‘.

Step 3: Now you can choose first option of the language of English and use the HiPStore app

What are the alternatives for HiPStore app

Kuaiyong  also more similar HiPStore alternatives. Kuaiyong is a web based app store which allow users to download and use paid apps and it also allows you to sign any app without leaving your phone. The user interface of the app is super easy to read and navigate. Download Kuaiyong from below article link.

Appcake is very popular HiPStore alternatives and very essential for jailbreakers. It provide an extremely popular free app installer and allow to get more wide verity of games and apps for your iOS device. Most of app are works for jailbroken iPhones. But there is a way to get install Appcake without jailbreak. Download Appcake from below link.

iFunBox may not be one of the very best alternatives. But this is different with few small ways. Because iFunbox software utility that offer alternatives for iTunes. Download iFunBox from below link.

Tutuapp Helper
Tutuapp is yet another great alternative to HiPStore, It also similar to it in a number of ways, it does offer a huge amount of free apps and games for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. This all also easy to get install.  Download Tutuapp from below link

Vshare also an good HiPStore alternative. Lot of tweak are available which are not provide in apple store. Furthermore, It’s easy to  download vshare and install.

Conclusion about install HiPStore App for iOS 11 and iOS 10

Using HiPStore app, you can easily access many more games and app without spending a money. As well as ,With help of this HiPStore you can download all apps without even a jailbreak. There are many HiPStore alternatives like vShare Appcake, Tutuapp and Kuaiyong  with different language like Chinese and some other languages. HiPStore also come up with other language, but we can change the language from above method. HiPStore app works with iOS 11 iOS 10 all versions without any jailbreak. That’s all about HiPStore for iOS 11 and iOS 10.

Now days most of apps are available to install without jailbreak. Some of are listed below.

We hope that you got to know about, HiPStore  for iOS. If you have any question regarding to this, comment it below. We will help you.Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and add in Google+ circle to get latest updates via social media.

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