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Download & Install Pokemon Go++ 1.37.2 Hack For iOS 10 Without Jailbreak

In this tutorial we will guide you to install Pokemon Go 1.37.2 hack IPA for iOS 10 without jailbreak. This is a modified versions of worldwide smash hit can now immediately download the 1.37.2 and 0.67.2 hacked version of the game for iOS respectively and official improvement as introduced by Niantic Labs.  According to this new Version of Pokemon go, they improved few new features and nuggets of functionality for trainers to sink their teeth into.

Update and introduction of the modified version of Pokemon Go would then mean that trainers who enjoy the modified version would not only get access to all of those new features as introduced by the official development team, but also all of the hacked features.


Niantic released that the latest version of Pokemon Go 1.37.2 hack IPA for iOS users with bug fixes and new locations. iOS users want to enjoy with tweak which bring additional capabilities into the game.Like tap on the screen to walk to new locations right from the comfort of their couch at home.

Apps you can install without jailbreak 

You can Download latest version of Pokemon Go++ 1.37.2 hack IPA for iOS without jailbreak. In this version of Pokemon Go++ 1.37.2 hack IPA bypass some restrictions of the game and provides new features.


  • A computer,Windows or Mac running operating System.
  • The latest version of iTunes installed.
  • An iOS device capable of running iOS 9 or over.

How to install Pokemon Go 1.37.2 hack IPA

Step 1 : First of all, if you have any older version of Pokemon Go installed on your device. You will need to delete it from the device.

Step 2 : You need to Download Cydia Impactor from cydiaimpactor.com This tools help you to slideload IPA files to your iOS device.

Step 3: Now download IPA file for the hacked version of Pokemon Go 1.3.1 for iOS from here.

Step 4: Connect iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your Mac or PC via USB.

Step 5: launch the Cydia Impactor tool and Drag the Pokemon Go IPA file that you downloaded in Step 3 above onto the Cydia Impactor interface

Step 6: It will ask email address and password of a valid Apple ID.


Step 7: When requested, enter the email address and password of a valid Apple ID to proceed. It’s important to note that these need to be the account details of an active, valid Apple account. We’d suggest using a burner ID, just in case.

Step 8: It will show up with an “Apple Developer Warning” click OK to proceed.


Step 9: Launch the Settings app and navigate to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management. On some versions of iOS, this will be Settings > General > Device Management or Settings > General > Profile.

Step 10: Under the Apple ID used to sign the IPA files, tap on the Trust “[Apple ID]” option, and then tap Trust again in the popup.


Step 11: The app should now be verified, and will launch at will.

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As long as Location Services are turned on for the newly installed app via Settings > Privacy, you should be able to launch and play Pokemon Go 1.37.2 as normal, but with the addition of a additional cheat tweaks that makes the game a lot easier.

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