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Eclipse 4 For iOS 10 Released With System-Wide Dark Mode To iOS Devices

Finally Eclipse 4 for iOS 10 Released. It is a full dark mode appearance and can use for any iOS 10 jaibroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod users.

Most of are wait for apple’s official introduce a system of dark appearance or night style. But still they didn’t release it yet. However you don’t need to wait until apple release it to get that experience. Now you can use Eclipse 4 for iOS 10 jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod users. By installing this Eclipse 4 Cydia tweak you can get this dark style to your device.

Eclipse 4 For iOS 10

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Features of Eclipse 4 for iOS 10

  • Built for iOS 10
  • Lightweight tweak, consumes NO battery life!
  • Support for many popular App Store apps (with more being added soon!)
  • System-wide colorization
  • Activator and flipswitch toggles.

Past few month most of apple users talked lot about this iOS dark mode. But now you can get that experience Eclipse 4 for iOS 10 users. Eclipse generally released for iOS 7 and its updated in to iOS 8 as Eclipse 2. Eclipse 3 for iOS 9 and Eclipse 4 for iOS 10. Furthermore, This lightweight package not use any additional battery life. It offers some amazing colorization with different aspect by configurations panel.

Eclipse 4 For iOS 10.2Eclipse 4 is the 4th version of Cydia Tweak and it is a lightweight package which designs to change the color scheme of this iOS user interface design and easier to read
at night and reduce strain on your eyes. This Cydia tweak includes old versions custom color setting as well. such as, color customization, of user interface, white-listing of apps and more.

In This eclipse 4 application, added most popular third party app like available in apple app store which are support with this package. So those apps are added on a periodical basic for extend eclipse 4 and give users additional power over how install apps and check it using iOS

Eclipse 4 is free for existing users who purchased the previous versions. For new users need to buy this for 0.99$. And it worth to try it. In addition, When you install this cydia tweak, all apps get disable by default. If you enabled dark mode for any of app. You need to go enabled application section in setting and turn on the toggle for it. And make sure to re-open that app to get apply dark mode effect for application.

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In conclusion, people who are wait for Eclipse 4 for iOS 10, you can get now and get experience with it. If this article helps, just follow us in Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to get latest articles.

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