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How to Install Appcake From Cydia With And Without Jailbreak On iOS

In this tutorial we will discuss how to install AppCake from Cydia with and without jailbreak.  Mainly we will guide you to install appcake to both jailborken devices and non jailbroken devices. Follow our  guidance and you can get how to install it to your iPhone and iPad.

First of all we would like to share what is this AppCake and how important it is. Because most of new iOS users doesn’t know about what is AppCake and what is the important of it. Therefore let me know to share some brief explanation about it.

What is AppCake

AppCake is a simple and native iOS application that is capable of installing cracked IPA files to your iOS device. It created 2008 after Appstore was hacked. This become more really simple to get all apps you want without any complicated steps. And other thing is, you can submit and receive apps, public sharing apps and works in conjunction with apple Sync application.

In shortly, with using this AppCake, you can install premium iOS app without paying to them. There are thousands of free apps and games available for iPhone and iPads which not available free in Apple apps Appstore. Appcake is a best alternative for Installous and Vshare. Comparing to those Installous and vshare,  and have more app and games database than Installous and vshare.

What are the features of AppCake

  • AppCake allow you to install more Premium apps and paid games free
  • Easy to share files with connecting via PC or Mac
  • You can backup all iOS app which installed in your iPhone and iPad
  • You can get more great apps and games which not provide in apple AppStore
  • Easy to install  it to jailbroken and non Jailbroken iOS devices.

If you want to download  some cracked app free, Just follow this guidance and install Appcake repo to your to your iOS device.

How to install AppCake without jailbreak

Most of are asking how to appcake download with no jailbreak. To install AppCake on non jailbroken iOS device, you need to install Cydia to your iOS device. Just follow below tutorial to install Appcake repo from Cydia.

Step 1:  First of all, connect your iOS device with internet. Now just browse below URL with any browser.

Step 2: Now we gonna install Cydia to your non jailbreak iOS device.

Step 3: Once it finished loading, Tap on Cydia/Cydia for iOS 10. It can be change according to your iOS version.

Step 4 : Now tap on Get it.  Then popup will appear. Just follow that screen instructions and install Cydia app to your iOS device.

Step 5: Now i assume that you have Cydia app in your iOS device.

Step 6: Launch Cydia and Tap on Manage > Sources > Edit Now popup window will comeup.

Step 7: Enter repcydia.com OR repo.appvv.com. Tap on “Add” button. It will add to your Cydia app and let it to finished syncing.

Step 8: Now go to search and find AppSync Unified and install it.

Step 9: Next  step is AppCake download. Launch again Cydia and tap Manage>Sources>Edit. Now popup window will come up.

Step 10: Enter Cydia.iphonecake.com and choose “Add”. Once sync is complete, search AppCake and install in to Cydia.


Step 11: If any popup come up, choose “Add Anyway” to continue with the installation.


Now you are done with it. Just reboot your iOS device and ensure that everything is up and running AppCake repo without any issues. If you get an error just follow the guidance again.

How to install AppCake with jailbreak

This methold for users who Jailbroken their iOS devices. Once you jailbroken your device, you will have a Cydia app on it. And AppSync also installed in to your iOS device. Get these two requirement before to proceed this method. Those who have Cydia without AppSync, just search AppSync on Cydia search and install it. If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone or iPad. try below link tutorial for jailbreak your iOS device.

1: Launch Cydia and go to Manage page. From there, tap on “Sources” option to AppCake download.
2: Now choose “Edit” option. Then Popup window will open.
3: In that text field, add http://cydia.iphonecake.com and tap on “Add Source” option.
4: Now it will syncing.
5: After that just search AppCake+ or AppCake in Cydia. You can add any of these two. Once you downloaded app, you can use it by tapping on home screen icon or Cydia.


How to use AppCake repo on iPhone and iPad

Furthermore, if you followed any of above method, i hope you already installed AppCake to your iOS device. This will help newest users who installed AppCake repo. It is very easy to use. You can launch it by tap on home screen icon.


There are 6 option in this AppCake like below.

  • Home
  • Popular
  • Categories
  • Browser
  • Download
  • Settings

Home: In this home section show up with recommended apps by editors and most AppCake users download app around the world.

Popular: In this popular section contain that apps which downloaded most from the AppCake market. There are some categories such as,Weekly Top and Overall Top.Weekly Top mean, apps which are downloaded in current week. Overall Top means apps which have been downloaded from maximum time since AppCake released.

Categories: This section showing that apps show according to media, Utilities, games and tools etc.

Browser: This is a inbuilt browser that users can surf web and download games and app.

Download: In this section shows that active download which users can pause or resume by accessing.

Setting:In this setting section contain the setting of AppCake app. You can change setting like Notification, network source, app installation etc.

Those are the basic things in Appcake repo. I think now you go an idea about how it work. Now you can download premium apps and games as your want

What are Appcake alternative

Peoples search For Appcake Alternatives when they fail or cannot install app to their iOS device.You know, why most of are fail to get install it to their device? They trying to install it without install Cydia first. Therefore cydia is must to get install AppCake. Lets see what are the best AppCake Alternatives.

Zeusmos is also similar to Appcake,because all features are exactly same. They provide free and paid apps. You can install it without jailbreak your iOS device.It gives this AppCake alternative an edge. Some of Zeusmos apps are offering flexibility of usage for iOS Device.

Vshare also pretty solid alternative for AppCake. There are unlimited available for free to download.It also have same feature like AppCake.

This is also an alternative for AppCake, it run on iOS 6 as well. Kuaiyong mean “use quickly“. Its also similar to Zeusmos. no jailbreak require to install Kuaiyong to iOS device.You can download more free apps in there. Deference between Kuaiyong and Zeusmos is,in the form of licensing. So you can try Kuaiyong as AppCake alternatives

iFunbox also an alternative for AppCake,It is very popular for managing, transferring files between iOS device and windows PC or mac computer.

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in addition, This is How to install AppCake from Cydia with and without jailbreak for iOS. Appcake is a awesome application for iOS users. Because, there are more iOS app free to download which Appstore does not. You can install AppCake without jailbreak iOS device. I hope this article helps you to get install AppCake to your iOS device. If there are anything else comment it below. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and add in Google+ circle to get latest updates and iOS news via social media.

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