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Kuaiyong App Download For iOS 11 And 10 On iPhone, iPad Without Jailbreak

Hi friends, do you want to download iOS apps for free? Which means download and install iOS premium apps without spending money. This is best way to get download iOS app those who want to do it free. Therefore, you came to right place.  Because We have good solution for users who don’t want to spend money for download premium apps. Today we will Guide you to install Kuaiyong app which help you to download many paid apps for free. Other best news is this app does not require any jailbreak to download Kuaiyong to iOS device.Therefore, you can download Kuaiyong for iOS without jailbreak.

What is Kuaiyong App

Initially, Kuaiyong was only available in Chinese. It has been now translated to English. But some of text are written in Chinese. However, you can easily find it by icons and down it free to iOS device. If you don’t have any idea about app icons, There is English Version of iPhone Kuaiyong app that has everything translated to English and will help you find out the names of the apps. Furthermore visit http://kuaiyong-english.com/ on your PC and use it as reference wit your iOS version of the app. it will helps to figure out easily.

Kuaiyong Download For iOS 11 / 10 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

First of all,  follow this guideline to download Kuaiyong  app and install it to iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Step 1: Launch the safari web browser in your iOS device and visit this URL iosem.us/app

Step 2: Click On download. It is generally recommended that you download “Kuaiyong” on Windows PC/Mac. It does not take much memory. You can afterward connect your iOS device to your PC/Mac to transfer.

Step 3: Now go to “All Applications and Emus“. Tap on Search menu and type Kuaiyong app. Then it will appear.


Step 4: Tap On Kuaiyong app to install, It will popup and ask to install, just tap on install.


Step 5: Once installation done, Go to Setting > General > Profile and change it to what you would prefer and tap on Trust.


Step 6: Now you are done. Just go to your iOS home screen and run Kuaiyong app.

How to Install Kuaiyong App on Windows/Mac PC/Laptop

Step 1: To get install Kuaiyong App on windows, you need to download exe set up file of Kuaiyong from Google.

Step 2: After download the setupfile, just click on exe file and follow setup process and install it to your wondows PC. You can follow same procedure for MAC.

Step 3: Again for getting the required apps we need to search for the required app in the search bar of Kuaiyong but before that do connect iPhone/ iPad to the PC.

Step 4: Now your iOS device will be detected after clicking install button.  App will be installed on iPhone/ iPad instantly without any issue.

What are the Kuaiyong App Common problems

When you try to visit Kuaiyong App and it does not show any apps, Most of the time it happen because of server being down. So, you need to wait couple of hours and try it again.

Even the Kuaiyong App installed, it does not work. This is happend because, you need to trust Profile option. To fix this, go to Settings > General > Profile/ Device Management and search for Kuaiyong profile and tap on trust. It will work without issue.

How To Fix Kuaiyong App Crash

In addition we have seen that Kuaiyong app crash issue. After research on it, We have found that two reasons why Kuaiyong app crash.

  • Rebotting after app installed
  • After update any other app which downloaded from app Store.

As a result of above activities kuaiyong  can be crash. These issues are not harmful to your device. So, we have a solution to kuaiyong app crash fix. Follow below tutorial for it.

How to Fix Kuaiyong App Crash

1: First Connect your iOS device to the computer and run Kuaiyong.

2: Now Click the button like below


3: Click this below setting log button


4: New window will come up with a one button and click the button, it says confirm in Chinese. Then process will start and issue will fix.

Now you are fixed with Kuaiyong app crashed issue.

What are the alternative for kuaiyong app

Now days There are lot of alternatives for Kuaiyong which provide millions of premium iOS apps free, Such as Vshare, Hipstore and Zeusmos. Do you know why Kuaiyong popular among iOS users? Because it allow to download and install many free and cracked applications within iOS Devices. If you are still searching any free iOS app provider, you can try below apps tutorials. It will guide you to install premium apps to your iOS device without jailbreak.

Finally, You followed how to download kuaiyong app for iOS 11 , 10 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. You can download many more iOS apps free.If you are get any issues or have any queries regarding the installation process of Kuaiyong App for iOS, Just comment it below. We will help you to fix it. In conclusion, Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and add in Google+ circle to get latest updates via social media.

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