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Cyrus Installer – Install Cydia Tweaks For iOS Without Jailbreak

Hi friends,Today we will guide you to how to download Cyrus Installer on iOS 10 and iOS 11. No jailbreak required. We have seen that many apps dubbed as “Cydia alternatives” for now. Most of are got fail after attempted to directly take on Cydia in a head-to-head. Some of are generally better classed as alternative app stores, are still continuing to tick over and serve app downloads to users. Cyrus Installer also one the good Cydia alternative. It offer installing apps more commonly found on Cydia, but without the need to be jailbroken.

Each and every apps has that own unique approach to trying to inform users why it’s different to the rest.  In the past,  We have seen that kind of all like AppValley and TuTuApp offering offering the ability to install software more commonly found on Cydia as well as apps taken directly from the official App Store. This new Cyrus Installer brings similar proposition and but doesn’t offer any apps store apps and common apps found in Cydia appstore.

What is Cyrus Installer

In short, Cyrus Installer is a new Cydia Installer alternative. It provide jailbreak tweaks for non jailbroken firmware versions. Cyrus Installer is an online depository of  Cydia tweaks,iOS Emulators and ++ Enhancements.

Cyrus Installer come up with dark user interface with user friendly. So far, it has a collection of some apps and tweaks and will grow up more in future. All of these Cyrus Installer apps perfectly work with jailbroken and non jailbroken iOS users. As well as you can install apps without using computer. It will more useful iOS users who doesn’t have access to a computer.


Setup process of Cyrus Installer is not hard at all, simply open a URL and Follow guideline.

Which iOS version are Compatible with Cyrus Installer

  • iOS 10
  • iOS 10.0.2
  • iOS 10.0.3
  • iOS 10.1
  • iOS 10.1.1
  • iOS 10.2
  • iOS 10.2.1
  • iOS 10.3
  • iOS 10.3.1
  • iOS 10.3.2
  • iOS 10.3.3
  • iOS 11

How to Download And install Cyrus Installer On iPhone iPad and iPod – No Jailbreak

Step 1: First Launch Safari web browser and go to this URL https://cyrusinstaller.com

Cyrus Installer
Step 2:
Tap on install Cyrus button, Then it will show up new screen and tap install Cyrus again.

Step 3: Now you will in install profile screen, Tap the install button present in the top-right corner.

Step 4: It will prompt you to enter password, You can provide password and proceed the installation.

Step 5: Tap next when you are at the consent screen.

Step 6: Profile is not installed yet,So, you have to tap the install button again.

Step 7: Profile will now be installed successfully. Tap on done.

Step 8: Close safari browser and go to your home screen, You can see Cyrus Installer app present on there.

Step 9: You are done. Start browsing the Apps section and download your favorite tweaks, apps, and emulators from this cool new installer.

Cyrus Installer

Features of Cyrus Installer Appstore

In this Cyrus Installer Appstore, All apps are divided in to 3 sections. App Signer, App Categories and Themes and Tweaks. Lets see what type of apps are belongs to these categories.

App Signer

App Categories

  • Emulators
  • Entertainment
  • Social Media
  • Tweaked Apps
  • Other Apps

Themes and Tweaks

Cyrus Installer displays the status of every app by changing the color of icons. These colors are show the diffrence.

  • Green icon – Working
  • Red icon – Not Working
  • Orange icon – Needs Loophole
  • Blue icon – Needs Airplane

If you get an error or “Unable to Download Apps” with Cyrus Installer app, Just wait for developers to fix it. They will fix it within short time.

Go head and install Cyrus Installer for your iOS device and get benefits of new apps and tweaks. This does not require any jailbreak. But some Cydia tweaks require root access. Therefore, some features will limited if you on a non-jailbroken firmware version.

Cyrus Installer Alternatives

Those who want to have more apps like Cyrus Installer, Check put following alternatives.

We hope Cyrus Installer – Install Cydia Tweaks For iOS Without Jailbreak  help to install awesome cydia tweaks for your iOS device. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and add in Google+ circle.

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